NewNet - Lithium SMS Messaging




Lithium enables mobile operators to take advantage of new opportunities in SMS messaging with solutions to cost effectively transition from circuit switched to IP, support the challenging traffic patterns of increasing A2P and P2A applications, and reliably scales with security, and performance.


Lithium is a proven SMS communication software platform with high volume presence in communication organizations around the world:

  • Over 80 carrier and mobile operator deployments worldwide.
  • Transports over 100 million messages per day.
  • Supports 1/7 of the global mobile subscriber base.


Solution for A2P, P2A and M2M

Application-to-Person (alerts, promotional messages), Person-to-Application (check balance, opt-in, voting), and Machine-to-Machine (monitoring, system updates) are driving growth in SMS usage and revenue. Lithium enables mobile operators with an SMS platform tuned for the specific requirements of A2P, P2A and M2M.

  • Lithium’s Batch Server manages bulk SMS to be delivered automatically with predefined message text and at predefined times. It allows the operator to keep their customers informed about special offerings, new services and maintenance notifications. The operator can also use the batch server to broadcast notifications on behalf of a third party, for instance the government, local public services and external advertisers.
  • Identify A2P, P2A and M2M messaging for billing and QoS management.
  • Anti-spam screening and filtering.


Lithium Core Platform Components and Options

  • SMS Router – Rules-based routing engine with First Delivery Attempt (FDA) and weighted, prioritized, and adaptive load balancing.
  • IP-SM Gateway – Bridge between circuit and packet switched networks.
  • SMS Store – High-capacity message storage with prioritization and redundancy.
  • SMS Firewall – Screening, detection and filtering including anti-spoofing, fake SMS and GT scanning detect.
  • Application Gateway – SMSC to application Server with load balancing for SMPP, UCP, CIMD2.



  • Scale For Any SMS Volume – Reliably deliver messages for any traffic volume, with systems delivering over 50,000 SM/s, and per rack performance of up to 20,000 SM/s at N+N redundancy.
  • Security – Rules-based filtering and advanced anti-spoofing features virtually eliminate the delivery of unwanted messages to subscribers.
  • Increase Revenue – Support for real-time prepaid billing reduces the opportunity for fraud to improve revenues. Sponsored and personalized SMS creates a new revenue opportunity for mobile operators.